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March 2018

James Arness memories of Amanda Blake,

“My fondest memory of Amanda is of her laughter, it just peeled out like a bell of joy”.

The friendship between the cast and crew was one of the reasons for the great success of the series Gunsmoke.  Jim once told me on one of those days when one of the crew was a little under the weather, Amanda would add that special spark to keep them all going.  The character Miss Kitty who held court at the Long Branch had wit, charm and compassion which the audience came to love. Jim remembered Amanda had a great love for the character Miss Kitty and the show. She was a true team player always willing to give up a line if it would work better with someone else.  “She was a joy to work with and I think when we looked at the show in retrospect we realized just how far we had all come together as a group”.   She was a great lady. 

I remember when Amanda passed away how heartbroken Jim was.  He had truly lost a dear friend.

Janet Arness