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June 2018

My Memories of James Arness











When I first met Jim, I had no idea what an adventure he would take me on.  His love of life was totally infectious.  He was curious about so many things in life, for example he was a traveler, we visited many of the national parks in the United States. He was an avid reader and enjoyed books and poetry.  Also, sports were big in his life; skiing, surfing, boating and flying.  Jim taught me a lot about WWII even though I was born after the war.  He was always proud of his service to his country. These were the most fun and learning times.  

His laugh was pure joy and anybody on the set of Gunsmoke could tell you how his laugh would stop the filming.  The atmosphere at work was always fun and relaxed for all the members of the crew and actors.  I think that is one of the reasons Gunsmoke lasted as long as it did.

We shared a joy in donating to our favorite charity United Cerebral Palsy.  

And then there would be “the shining times” as Jim would call it.  Quiet moments together, no words but we could just feel the closeness and love between us.  I thank him every day for the wonderful 25 years we shared together. 

In memory and with my love for Jim,


Janet Arness